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Hi, I would love to introduce Yoni Balm to you.

I am a trained medical doctor and herbalist, and a deep supporter of bringing a Sacred Awareness back into Women’s healthcare.

Over the last 12 years I have worked deeply with women. My experience has made it clear that women's health and wellness is multi-layered and holistic. I have combined my experience of working closely with women in India and Africa – in hospital and rural village settings; with my deep love for botanical medicine, my respect for Mother Nature as Healer and my background in allopathic and natural medicines.

Yoni Balm is created out of deep respect and honouring of a woman's body and knowing what a woman's body needs to heal. It is about creating the optimal environment – physically and emotionally – for healing to naturally take place.

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Pic credit: Porteavie

Pic credit: Porteavie

Yoni Balm is an all natural, chemical free balm created for healing and caring for our feminine body.

Specially designed to care for a lady's yoni (vagina and labia)

  • heal tears and bruises after birth

  • soothe and nourish dry, itchy area in and around vagina

  • calm inflammation and support healing

  • while preventing infection

Ingredients include:

  • Shea Butter (Kirite seed from Ethiopia with fair trade village support)

  • Mafura Butter (Natal Mahogany seed - ethical trade from Mozambique)

  • Solar Herbal infused oils from Comfrey, Marshmallow and Calendula

Natal Mahogany seed (Mafura)

Natal Mahogany seed (Mafura)

I have used unrefined, unprocessed oils and butters from local, ethical farmers and suppliers as well as herbs that I grow and harvest myself or from local farmers.

These butters, herbal oil infusions and essential oils are especially chosen for their gentle and effective healing properties.

Calendula officinalis

Calendula officinalis

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This product has found most gratitude and feedback from postpartum mums for healing after vaginal birth (can also be used for caeserian scar healing as well), perimenopausal women for lubrication during intercourse, daily as general nourishment for sensitive areas or prone to infection or thrush, or for dry irritation and healing post infection.

I have full disclosure and information for the source and quality of ingredients and production. Please feel free to ask any further information you may require.

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