Soon after my first baby was born my midwife said something to me in a postnatal visit that would stay with me forever. She said "You are such a good mother."

 It stayed with me because I felt so awkward! I felt so new and really not like a good mother but a sincere mother and a first time mother.

And I knew that this was one of the most important things you could say to a new mother. Or even an old mother!

Because in those moments and in more to feelanything but! You feel sore, you feel tired, not used to the nights up and lack of sleep, you feel like you do not understand what your baby is needing at times and even though everyone said you would know intuitively which cry is for what - you realise you have no clue. AND just as you think you got it and you recognise patterns...BOOM! Growth spurt! Or teething! Or who know what...and there is a change in sleep patterns, sleep depth,
waking, hunger, crying, needs.

 My point is that we all try so hard to the best of our capability beyond even our personal experiences...wanting to make this better and perfect for our new baby.

 I get all this. And all I want to do is to hold you in a mothering hug and say THANK YOU! You ARE SUCH a good mother!

But I have something more....

I have a vast load of knowledge about herbs and moms and babies - from several different angles as a naturalist mom, a medical doctor and a herbalist.

And I get when things are not medically necessary .... and when they are. And I know that there are a lot of moms thirsty for more hand-on info on how to support their children naturally, and become more and more informed and able to treat their own kids when appropriate. I am here to support you in that.

Why? Because this is my passion too. AND because I understand the medical field and their appropriate use too.

I have worked in state hospitals, private practice, homebirths as well as very rural simple setups too.

I make and study my own herbal remedies for my kids and women's health and healing and I want to share this with you too.

So I am offering an opportunity on the 3rd Wed of each month. 

You get to meet moms and me, relax with healing tasty tea, listen to some info and make a product hands-on. As well making your own herbal products to take home!

Times 930am-1130am

Cost: R150 (including your materials/ remedy, pdf handout and tea) 




Boosting Immunity Naturally

Ointments and Salves

Seducing Sleep

Digestion and Herbs

Self-care for Moms



Proposed courses:

Postpartum course : including herbal / natural newborn cord care, womb toning and healing oil, lactation seed tonic.

Possibly a kids CPR course too as well as discussions on use of
antibiotics and safe use of herbs.

And send in your requests because I am here to serve you.


Dr Gauri



Women's Health:

Menstrual Health - a 4 day live workshop:

  • A Sacred Awareness to our Flows, amazing female physiology
  • Our monthly emotional rhythm, rituals and ceremonies
  • Greening our periods - why? and options
  • Discussing specific symptoms and problems including PMS with natural and holistic options

Menstrual Health - 1 day workshop:

  • Helpful herbs and natural approaches to menstrual discomforts and symptoms

Pregnancy and related:

Photo credit: Karolina Weronika Staszak photography with thanks to Maya

Photo credit: Karolina Weronika Staszak photography with thanks to Maya

  • Connecting with your baby in your womb - 4 hour workshop
  • Helpful natural herbs and methods for symptom management in pregnancy - 4 hour workshop
  • Pregnancy visualisation and meditation - 2 hour workshop/s


  • Sacred Baby Blessings - 4 hour "baby shower" 

Prenatal one on one:

  • Antenatal consultation as for GP/ midwife
  • Connecting with your baby in your womb (3 hour intensive)

Postpartum one on one

  • bellybinding
  • Mother roasting ceremony (warming and welcoming mother to Motherhood; sealing her after her birth) - healing, nurturing and beautiful ceremony for new mothers

Red Tent Gatherings - full or new moon women circles for women to gather, share, support. 

Other workshops?

I am trained in medical and herbal/ natural healing approaches focusing on women, mothers, pregnancy and newborn/ infant care. 

Sure....lets chat....