Wednesday Women’s Healing Circle

Every second Wednesday I will share information and practices around women’s health - from intimacy and womb healing to eating well and bone health.

28 November 2018 - Yoni Wisdom

12 December 2018 - Women’s Health

10-11h30 at Vitali, Hoekwil Road, Wilderness

Whatsapp 0817797788 for details or email


  • A Sacred Awareness to our Flows, amazing female physiology

  • Our monthly emotional rhythm, rituals and ceremonies

  • Greening our periods - why? and options

  • Discussing specific symptoms and problems including PMS with natural and holistic options

Menstrual Health - 1 day workshop:

  • Helpful herbs and natural approaches to menstrual discomforts and symptoms

Pregnancy and related:

  • Connecting with your baby in your womb - 4 hour workshop

  • Helpful natural herbs and methods for symptom management in pregnancy - 4 hour workshop

  • Pregnancy visualisation and meditation - 2 hour workshop/s


  • Sacred Baby Blessings - 4 hour "baby shower"

Postpartum one on one

  • bellybinding

  • Mother roasting ceremony (warming and welcoming mother to Motherhood; sealing her after her birth) - healing, nurturing and beautiful ceremony for new mothers

Red Tent Gatherings - full or new moon women circles for women to gather, share, support. 

Other workshops?

I am trained in medical and herbal/ natural healing approaches focusing on women, mothers, pregnancy and newborn/ infant care. 

Sure....lets chat....