As you know I believe profoundly that women supporting women and sharing and hearing our stories is a powerful tool for healing. So 3 Thursdays a month will have a specific topic for discussion and support. Where women can gather and hear information and share stories and build support and friendship!



LADIES (general) (1.5 hours)


Every second Thursday of the month we will chat about a certain topic for about 40-60 minutes with discussion afterwards.

8th February – Introduction to Fertility Awareness

8th March – Positive Menstruation

12th April – Lifestyle Health Awareness

10th May – Embracing Menopause Naturally

14th June


8th February – Introduction to Fertility Awareness (Reproductive Health Month)

Using our body's as our compass is a very powerful and empowering way of controlling our fertility to conceive and to prevent conception. When carried out correctly the birth control statistics are as strong as hormonal birth control without the unwanted hormonal affects. The benefits of fertility awareness go beyond the intended purpose as it creates connection and understanding supporting empowerment for each one of us.

8th March – Positive Menstruation (Human Rights Day)

Menstruation has a loaded reputation. However the value around understanding our menstruation cycle and time and supporting our cycles, moods, cramps and symptoms with natural products and a deep awareness of the role of menstruation in a women's life can not only create symptom-free menstruation but can open up new paradigms in healing ourselves as women.

12th April – Lifestyle Health Awareness (World Health Day)

What is our health was in our hands? What if we could learn to identify how we can keep ourselves healthy and well, vital and full of energy? How can we learn to identify the triggers in our diet and lifestyle? How to create lifestyles and diets that enhance and support optimum health to feel vital, support speedy recovery and feel good.

BIRTH AND POST-BIRTH support group (1-2hours)


A monthly support circle for pregnant and post-partum moms. We shall have a topic every month and welcome any discussion or support as needed. This is also a safe group for moms to meet other moms and share our stories, heal together and chat all about being a new mom, doing our best for our babies, sharing our challenges and creating support systems.

February 15th , March 15th, April 19th, May 17th , June 14th



Vaginal steaming is like a herbal sauna for your female reproductive organs. It is an ancient traditional technique for cleansing, clearing stagnant energy, enhancing circulation, tone and supporting healthy, comfortable, toned and lubricated vaginal tissues.

A wonderful tool for enhancing fertility, menstrual symptoms, post-partum (including post miscarriage), clearing chronic irritation and uti's and perimenopausal vaginal symptoms.

We have space for 4 women every month to partake in this cleaning as well as connecting time. We shall start with a womb meditation and then sit together on the steaming chairs, covered with blankets and use the time to either meditate in silence or share gentle sister chats.

Please book in advance as seats limited to 4 per session.

If you prefer to steam in privacy – we can honour a secluded space for you.

February 22nd, March 22nd. April 26th, May 24th, June 28th

A day dedicated to deeply connecting, and exploring our internal journey of pregnancy and becoming mother. Based on the international 'Sacred Living Movement.We shall explore fears, expectations, connections, relatio.jpg



  • A Sacred Awareness to our Flows, amazing female physiology
  • Our monthly emotional rhythm, rituals and ceremonies
  • Greening our periods - why? and options
  • Discussing specific symptoms and problems including PMS with natural and holistic options

Menstrual Health - 1 day workshop:

  • Helpful herbs and natural approaches to menstrual discomforts and symptoms

Pregnancy and related:

  Photo credit: Karolina Weronika Staszak photography with thanks to Maya

Photo credit: Karolina Weronika Staszak photography with thanks to Maya

  • Connecting with your baby in your womb - 4 hour workshop
  • Helpful natural herbs and methods for symptom management in pregnancy - 4 hour workshop
  • Pregnancy visualisation and meditation - 2 hour workshop/s


  • Sacred Baby Blessings - 4 hour "baby shower" 

Prenatal one on one:

  • Antenatal consultation as for GP/ midwife
  • Connecting with your baby in your womb (3 hour intensive)

Postpartum one on one

  • bellybinding
  • Mother roasting ceremony (warming and welcoming mother to Motherhood; sealing her after her birth) - healing, nurturing and beautiful ceremony for new mothers

Red Tent Gatherings - full or new moon women circles for women to gather, share, support. 

Other workshops?

I am trained in medical and herbal/ natural healing approaches focusing on women, mothers, pregnancy and newborn/ infant care. 

Sure....lets chat....