"I believe true healing as a women includes our minds, bodies, hearts and spirit!"

I am a mother, a doctor, a healer, a wife, a writer. 

As a mother, a doctor and a woman I empathise with the journey of being a woman in today's world. I appreciate the choices we face about birth, parenting and our own child's health. I understand the journey of pregnancy and childbirth as well as parenting. I understand the challenges of wanting what is right for our bodies, our children and family and for ourselves while balancing our intuition and the demands from society. 

I started medical school with a love of herbs and a faith in nature for healing. I balanced my classes with weekends to nature, traditional African healers and botanical medicine research. After a year I left school to pursuit my personal journey of healing through meditation and connecting with a Higher Being. I spent 7 years studying, travelling and teaching. My heart basically dragged me back to medicine and I found myself compelled to restart my practical healing journey! 

Still wanting to bridge and share knowledge; my colleague and I co-founded and ran the Complementary Medicine Group at UCT medical school - sharing the practices of various holistic and natural healing practices with medical students and staff. 

Three years later my first son was born at home. His birth catapulted my healing focus. I wanted every woman to also experience the empowerment, love, ecstasy and miracle of birth with gentleness, awareness and dignity when giving birth. 

I steeply delved into this topic as I completed my medschool and graduated with my 4 year old! I worked in government hospitals witnessing more abuse, injustice and bureaucracy than I had seen at medical school. By now I knew that a woman's birthing and pregnancy experience is extra-ordinarily important for her and her baby! I became an activist for human rights in childbirth

My second son was born during the time I was working at obstetric wards in a busy hospital. He was born at home in water and was a lotus birth - allowing me to appreciate so many aspects of the placenta!

Soon after that I worked with an independent midwife doing homebirths and spending my time with my growing boys. We moved to India for a few years (where I am still now) - doing homebirths, serving the women and mothers here in health and wellness support. 

I write and speak, hold women's circle gatherings and share knowledge around holistic and natural approaches to caring for our health and well-being as well as promoting a Sacred Model of Childbirth into midwife education and institutions. 

“Gauri is a medical Doctor with the heart of a midwife, doula and mother. She is caring and thoughtful practitioner, who fiercely believes in women’s rights in labour; so while her quiet presence is nurturing and insightful, it is her underlying strength and commitment to her clients that really inspires trust. Gauri brings love, listening and warmth into busy and often highly pressured obstetric wards.” .
— Robyn Sheldon, author of Mamabamba, teacher and midwife.


  • MBChB; University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Student of Botanical Medicine for Woman (with Aviva Romm)
  • Co-founder of Midwifery and Birth Conference (South Africa)
  • Unborn Child Connection facilitator (Soul Integration) 
  • Sacred Pregnancy Instructor (for retreats and workshops)
  • Mother Sealing Certificate (holistic postpartum care for mothers)
  • Speaker at TreeTops Birth Conference
  • "Women Being Primal in Labour" - article in "Midwifery Today" Spring 2015
  • Committee member of Human Rights in Childbirth India 2014-2015
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