Dear Woman


Dear Woman


As your heart beats the beat rhythmically and repeatedly – so in essence and truth is an irrevocable fact. That as we exist we are in an innate and exquisite pulse with nature too. As Mother Earth is holding us and supporting us with her deep and grounded earth connecting all of us in a naked truth of oneness...of solidness...of uniformity. So we form an extension of her branches of her arms and we surrender to a natural fact of life and living so we will gather her protection and enter her world. Which vibrates and pulsates with an organic truth that exists even if you do not believe.


In your pregnancy and in your birth you become one with a magnetic and deeply symbiotic relationship with all mothers. Your breath becomes one as we all labour together in a primal force that brings forth life and makes one mother. I speak this with a conviction after witnessing many hospital and homebirths, caeserians and vaginal, assisted and unassisted. You as woman, as mother becoming – enter a space so sacred that it is a temple in itself.


My wish is for a consciousness to be bought in to awareness that as we dance the spiral of labour surges and pauses, as we partner with our babies to give birth and be born – our inner stage is being tweaked and orchestrated as we and our babies need it for our perfect growth and future.


We cannot control. The goal is surrender and if our plans turned and fell to something else – our goal is still surrender. Because it is not in our control. Because we are primal in our labour and in our pregnancy. And there is something far greater and more wise and knowing that does control and does control perfectly beyond our understanding.


The lessons and growth remain the same. The lessons and growth are different for each of us personally however the thread or purpose remains the same. Because Mother Earth has our back. Because we are daughters in her protection, sisters in the tribe and all part of the Human family. Because our lessons are what we are all yearning for....for love – to love and be loved. Because as we traverse we get deeper and deeper into understanding the hunger of each soul – what we are all hankering for and it goes beyond what we are understanding on our physical level or what we are acting out as in our bodies.


My wish is for each woman to truly know her beauty – not because she has fought to become, or worked so hard or achieved so much – simply because she IS. The beauty in you is God Made and exists because you DO. I wish for each baby to be grown and birthed with love. Love and acceptance can protect any external situation. We bond with our babies even possibly before conception when we are inviting them (knowing or unknowingly) into our womb. And while they are in our womb and forming and then growing their tiny bodies. We are all longing for connection. We can start forming this connection with conscious intention and practicalities – meditation, visualisation, messaging and communicating.


My wish is for each woman to believe and love her body. Our bodies are so beautiful and so powerful and so empowered. I wish every woman to have her body treated and adored with respect by every caregiver, lover and mostly her self.


Pregnancies bring it all up. Our fears. Our inadequacies. Our intentions. Our dreams. Our hopes. Our loves and losses. Our griefs and our shadows. Our hormones align a perfect milleux for everything to seed and grow. We need to pay attention. We need to be soft and gentle. We need to listen to our guts. We need to trust our intuition. OUR INTUITION. We may need to be firm in our beliefs and our intentions.


I welcome you all here to a safe place to explore and deepen our celebration of our Sacred Pregnancy – our wombs, our bodies and our babies. We will invite processes and sacred ceremonies to enhance our internal journey as we try to become better and more for us becoming mothers – even if it is again.


Here there is no judgement. We share in confidentiality. We are all a sisterhood. We speak with respect. We hold space. We are free to express what and when we need to with respect for others in the space.

With deep love and respect