at Wilderness, Garden Route

WHat is a Sacred Pregnancy Day?

A full day - to explore our relationship with our body, our baby as well as to understand and engage with a primal Mother Earth presence as we grow our babies and prepare for birth and motherhood. Using creative tools, visuals, dance and reflective space and journaling.

It is a calling of intimate sisterhood. A coming together of Mothers-To-Be to celebrate and respect a very special and sacred time. 

Includes a scrumptious lunch, tea and snacks, your own sacred pregnancy journal to take home with you and a few sacred herbals for optimal healing. 














THE FIRST 40 DAYS - Babymoon









Thank you to Sacred Living Movement for the stunning photos of similar Sacred Pregnancy retreats around the world.
Retreat feedback from Nicole: 

The retreat was pure magic to me. Being able to connect and share with likeminded women was just so amazing to me. Although we all walked completely different paths, we all share something in common and we could relate in so many ways. One of my favourite things about the retreat was being able to work with crafts. We often get caught up in our busy schedules so making time to express yourself creatively was very refreshing. My other favourite thing was being able to connect with Mother Nature and sharing in these beautiful environments (forest and beach). It just allowed more space for transparency and felt like a safe space for me to open my heart. The food was so delicious!! Simple, healthy meals - I love that!
I loved all the activities. They were all gentle and safe. 
The weekend, as a whole, sparked some nee feelings inside and highlighted some areas I needed to work on and heal. 

I still feel the after effects of the retreat. I still visit memories of the retreat, just to give me that extra boost of happiness and excitement. I have realised so much since being on the retreat and I don't even think words could describe what it's done but I feel the fruits of it all within. 

You are Amazing Gauri. This is definitely a huge part of your life purpose - helping women realise how empowered they are. Your humble and gentle nature is so incredibly admirable. You are a warrior queen

Thank you once again for hosting such a magical retreat. I don't think I will ever get over it

Venue: Rondevlei, Wilderness, Garden Route

23 September 09h00- 16h00

costs: R950

includes: prenatal yoga, scrumptious vegetarian lunch, tea and snacks, your personal Sacred Pregnancy Journal, and a few sacred herbals for optimal healing. 

email: gauri@womens-health.co.za to book your space and find out more.