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Are you interested in your health and balance as a vital, natural woman?

Do you want to find out more about bringing your menstrual cycle into a healthy balance? 

Do you wish to see a variety of environmentally friendly menstrual products that are good for your body and Mother Earth?

Would you like to find out about fertility charting for birth control or conception?

Would you like to understand the wisdom behind our cycles?

If yes! Then we want YOU to be a part of our first HAPPY CONSCIOUS MOONCYCLE DAY!

We (Rona and Gauri) are very excited to bring to you the first HAPPY CONSCIOUS MOONCYCLE DAY on 15th July 2017 in Cape Town. 

We shall have stalls available for people to sell their own handmade products in relation to women's healthcare – from green, re-usable menstrual products to holistic health products, herbs, oils, massages, fertility charts, and more.

There will also be a few yummy foodstalls.

Rona and Gauri are very excited to bring to you the first Conscious Happy Mooncycle Day on 15th July 2017 at 196 Victoria Road, Woodstock, Cape Town. 

We shall have stalls available for people to sell their own handmade products in relation to Healthy and Balanced menstruation cycles – from green, re-usable menstrual products to holistic health products, fertility charts and more. 

We shall also have 3 workshops: 


In this talk we will

* explore the 4 phases of our menstrual cycle and how to flow with them

* discover how the 4 phases can deepen your connection to intuition, inspiration and imagination

* learn about embodied time management

* care for your feminine cyclical nature as an act of inner leadership

Keriesa Botha is a life Coach and a Psychophonetics practitioner. She has a Masters Degree in Leadership and Change Management. She has many years experience of running workshops and retreats on the theme of the Menstrual Cycle and also on the Transition into Menopause. She also presents an online course with the writer and tantric teacher, Shakti Malan, on the Wisdom of our Sexual Cycles.


Charting our cycles from menstruation through ovulation to menstruation again can be a very useful practical tool for fertility and menstrual cycle awareness as well as being a potent healing tool in itself. Besides teaching a deeper understanding of the fluctuations in our bodies, mind and hormones at different times in the month it also empowers women creating a sense of deeper understanding and empathy of a women's fundamental needs. 

Dr Gauri is a medical doctor and herbalist with a passion for working with women. Her focus on women's holistic health and bringing a sacred awareness to their bodies and whole healing has been a strong thread throughout her travels through India and the US. She has a practice in the Garden Route, Western Cape and runs herbal workshops as well as retreats for women. 


with Rona Mirimi who sells Iris cups as well as makes her own natural deodarents and skincare. Her company is Verte. Her knowledge and experience is a great source to draw on. 

and Gauri Lowe who sells sea sponge tampons as well as reusable pads. 

The goal of our day is to facilitate, share and bring together women seeking to know more about and bring a conscious awareness to our feminine cycle. We understand our mooncycles to be a sacred function of our wombs, our fertility and the wisdom of being a woman. We believe by coming into alignment and conscious connection with our wombs we can facilitate healing and balance in our lives. 

We also understand deeply the hazards of disposable menstruation products and the importance of using natural based products for our own health and hormone balance as well as for Mother Earth's health and toxic waste balance. 

If you are a local producer of products that are related to women's menstruation and would like a stall at the event – please write to us at Or