Holistic Pregnancy Consultation

Would you like to know some natural options or holistic input into your pregnancy?

Do you have a pregnancy carer but would like some more holistic or natural alternatives / options?

Would you like to build the connection between your baby inside your womb and yourself as mother?

Do you want more support or unbiased and professional information and truths about your pregnancy, birth choices and options?

Are you facing choices about ultrasounds, antibiotics, lab tests, other protocols?

Are you confused but only want what is best for your baby? Are you feeling "forced" despite your gut feeling?

Who am I?

I am a qualified medical doctor who has worked both in hospital and home birth environments. I am trained in botanical medicine too. I support gentle conscious births with holistic and natural alternatives. I support medical interventions when they are medically necessary.

I am a mother of 2 sons born both born at home, 1 was a water birth and a lotus birth. 

I can speak medical language balanced with a gentle and conscious heart and mind of a birthkeeper. 

I am passionate about women's maternity rights and bringing a sacred awareness to being Woman and Mother. 

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How does a consultation work?

Send me an email with an enquiry here or to gauri@womens-health.co.za. I will send you a questionnaire to fill in. 

We decide on a time and date for a 1 hour skype consultation. 

OR we can meet at my rooms at Vitali Integral Health Centre, Garden Route. 

What to expect from a consultation?

Specific concerns addressed.

Information about interventions/ procedures/ tests. 

Guidance on connecting with your baby in your womb at different gestational ages.

Optimal nutrition and meal plans (general and specific)

Supplementation, helpful herbs for different times and symptoms. 

One follow up email conversation included. 


Yes, I want to book now! EMAIL ME HERE.


This does not substitute a medical consultation. This advice and support is meant to support you in natural and wellness alternatives. It is unbiased information for you to make your own choices and decisions about your pregnancy and birth.