Dear Mother - the Magic of a Pause

Dear Mother

In the heat of the moment with the chaos all around. What would it take for us to pause? A simple time it takes to exhh-hhhaaa-lllle and not immediately and spontaneously react.

I had that moment yesterday – when the biscuits in the back of the car were being crushed into the car seat and the sandwich blocks which I had carefully cut thrown on the floor along with the half toddler bitten apples.

With the screams and shouts flying and the busy active chaos in the seat behind me as I steadfastly continued with my foot on the pedal.

The following going through my mind,

“Let's just get there. I am so late! I cannot stop!”

What could have been different if I had remembered the advice of the simple PAUSE? Before raising my voice and reacting with anger, wanting a sense of control and reassertment of my power.

What may I have gained if I had simply paused? And allowed a sense of gentle non-reactionary moment to guide my next move.

I don't know.

What I do know is that parenting is full of spiritual growth lessons at every moment. It takes continuous humility and faith to keep trying – knowing we are:

“Raising our Children – and in fact Raising Ourselves.”

Humility and Faith. Lessons certainly conducive if not pivotal to spiritual growth.

If allowing a sense of pause to create a space for permission for the spiritual lessons that allow an atmosphere for intuitive receptivity and a sense of divine guidance.

How could our lives change if the moment of allowing a pause was a part of our everyday practices?

Just love