Dear Mother - Do you need some "me" time?

Dear Mother.

My tolerance started lessening.

My temper became shorter.

I started yelling and doing things I don’t want to do, really.

I felt like the tight rope around my neck was squeezing me tighter and tighter.

I was lashing out and not being able to control my temper nor take that breath before reacting. I was over-reacting and feeling more guilty for being so reactionary.


I wanted help to discipline my child. I asked around. They mentioned just taking some time for me...among other things, for now!

Oh yes!!! How can we give from an empty jug? Sound familiar? Oh yes, I have realised this again....and I forgot again too!

So I mentioned it to my husband and within 2 hours I had half an hour (which was good to just refuel for now.)

I went for a walk and a meditation in our local forest. I saw a woodpecker with a red hood, pecking. I noticed a flying any carrying another dead ant.Flowers, leaves, vines, wood, branches, smells, sounds, rustling leaves. I meditated.

I came back rejuvenated and clear. Refueled and a bit more objective, empathetic, loving and happy!

What do you need for your “me” time?

When did you last have some “me” time?

What would it take for you to get some “me” time?

I love you. You are worth it.