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Menstrual Vitality!

Did you know our cycles are like our body's barometer?

Similarly when we heal and nourish our cycles, our whole body responds - and when we are mildly out of balance - our cycle will reflect that too. 

Did you know that our attitudes and perceptions influence our female health and cycle?

Did you know when we start to heal our feminine - it is as if our whole body and heart jumps up as if to say "AT LAST! Welcome! You have found me.... and I have SO MUCH TO share!" - and you will be amazed! 

This course is What every girl wants to know  to nurture your monthly cycles for healing and vitality! 

Entwining a deep connection with plant medicine wisdom on a background of allopathic medical science and clinical work with a profound awareness of ancient and new female sacred practices and tools – to deeply understand and honour our female body's and cycles - in a course you will wish every girl could do and every doctor could have knowledge of.

Presenting easy to follow biology and insight into the female body to understand our monthly changes, our fertility, bring helpful practices, herbs and tools into our daily lives and deepen our understanding into reading the wisdom of our bodies.

"I care for women and want each one to experience optimum vitality and nurturing at each phase in one’s life and monthly cycle too. "
Dr Gauri
photo by Olga Ekaterinchevai

Is this course for YOU?                                                                

Are you a woman between ages 10 and 50 years old who would like to menstruate monthly with ease and peace?                                                                          Are you struggling with moods, energy, acne and appetite changes during your cycle?                                                          Are you looking for ways to heal your menstrual symptoms naturally?                                                                                            Do you want to learn about the wisdom in our monthly cycles?                                                          Are you wishing to align your natural rhythms and flow with the natural rhythms of nature?



An online 5 part course complete with videos, pdf files, excellent resources, easy recipes and healing ideas, templates for charting and more as well as virtual red tent gathering and sharing of women.

Included is a basic online consultation so I can personalise your needs and healing tools. 

The material will be sent to you as you complete each section; via email and you can complete it by listening to it and looking over the pdf handbook in your own time. 

Who is the course for?

It is for women - any age. You can use it to discuss with your young daughters or clients as their time comes.

You can use it for yourself, your clients or for mother groups, women groups, mother-daughter groups.

Most importantly you can use it for yourself to get to know your own body and the way our body responds during the month; how to make it work for us.

It will also serve as a fantastic resource to share with your clients or patients if you are a healthcare provider or even as a teacher or someone who works with young adults. 

When? Upgraded course - JULY 2018


  • Understanding the physiology and anatomy of our periods.
  • The flow of our cycles, hormones and fertility - and how they affect us physically and emotionally. 
  • How can I get to know my body better to understand my fertile time?
  • Discovering our own story that affects our cycles and femininity.


moon cycle lady.jpg
  •  How do our emotions and our inner needs fluctuate through the month?
  • How can I honour my needs throughout the month?
  • What are some cultural and traditional practices that support an honouring of this time?
  • What is red tent?
  • Ways and ceremonies to honour Becoming a woman.


  • Ecofriendly, green care for our periods. What are the options?
  • How can I choose the best one for me?
  • How does it affect the planet AND how does it affect ME
  • Greening our period. 
  • Tips to practically detox your home and body


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  • Menstrual symptoms like cramping and irritability can account for many days off work and affect so many of us. I guide you to the best natural options for YOU! 
  • Sharing variety of self-help guides to common menstrual related symptoms and problems.
  • Recipes for home-made teas and natural treatments.
  • AND So much more...

Last Day – extra bonus!

Connect online with the group of participants to do a powerful salt bowl cleansing activity. Laying intention with vitality.

Enrollment includes access to downloadable video/ audio and pdf on each class. As well as interactive chat on a secret facebook group – where we can create a community of women interested in nurturing our sacred. Access to regular newsletters on bringing Sacred awareness into our lives as women and mothers (optional). As well as one free email consult for advice or guidance on one issue.

You may start at any time and proceed at your own pace. 

R990 / $95 for entire course!

Email Dr Gauri for more info and to register.

Please email here. menstrualvitality@gmail.com


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warmest blessings and love

                Dr Gauri

Medical disclaimer: All information given is not equal nor can replace a personal medical examination and management for specific problems.

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Dr Gauri is a medical practitioner (MD) and herbalist who practices holistic women’s health and wellness care. She works with nutrition, lifestyle, mind practices as well as herbs and supplements and pharmaceuticals when necessary at her practice in Garden Route, South Africa.

She also has a passion for gentle and conscious birthing to keep pregnancy and birth sacred, healthy and satisfying.

Her focus on women has expanded beyond the medical paradigm taught to doctors. "My wish is to create a women's healing school where practitioners can truly learn how to approach women's healing. At present the paradigm is deeply insufficient and malaligned with what women truly need." 

What are people saying?

"Dr Gauri Lowe, I received your menstruation diaries and......Im BOWLED over by all the incredibly attentive details you've written. You have put into words what is often too difficult for some to do. I resonated so much with the words you shared. Thank you for a wonderful piece of your being and thank you for being so informative. Well done!!"  BJM

"Gauri is a medical Doctor with the heart of a midwife, doula and mother. She is caring and thoughtful practitioner, who fiercely believes in women’s rights in labour; so while her quiet presence is nurturing and insightful, it is her underlying strength and commitment to her clients that really inspires trust. Gauri brings love, listening and warmth into busy and often highly pressured obstetric wards.”  

             Robyn Sheldon, author of Mamabamba

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Webinars, online workshops and courses including:

  • Menstrual Vitality

  • Women's Health

  • Vaginal Health

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